A Guide to Strengthening Students, Schools and Communities Through Service-Learning.

This popular guide, now in a revised and expanded third edition, provides teachers and school administrators with a road map for integrating service-learning into their classes and curriculum. By engaging students in real-world problem-solving, service-learning helps expand content knowledge, engage students and teachers, foster good citizenship, and meet the needs of diverse learners. This publication is appropriate for K-12 Educators, School Administrators,Pre-Service Faculty and Students, After-School and Summer Program Educators.

Based on the award-winning KIDS  service-learning framework, this guide provides the background, tools, worksheets and resources teachers and administrators need to implement high-quality service-learning. Inside, you will find:

  • A special chapter about getting started — entry points, community connections, curriculum mapping, and assessing student work
  • Case studies and project examples
  • Information about the benefits of service-learning
  • Ideas for building a collaborative environment in the classroom
  • Ways to engage students in authentic discovery of and research about real community problems/needs
  • Replicable tools and resources for step by step project planning, implementation and evaluation
  • How to reflect on and improve your service-learning practice…And much more…

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