Designed to help educators develop a basic understanding of KIDS Consortium's award winning service-learning model. Through interactive games and visuals, participants will learn the difference between community based learning, community service, and service-learning, and why service-learning is an effective teaching strategy. Participants will leave with enthusiasm to begin a KIDS service-learning project in their school and/or community.

Target Audience and Workshop Length:

One to four hour workshop designed for educators, administrators, community partners and parents new to our service-learning model.

Participants will

  • Understand the difference between our model of service-learning and other community-oriented educational experiences
  • Understand the importance of community partnership(s), student ownership, and connections to learning objectives that define a quality service-learning project
  • Learn about a variety of service-learning projects
  • Communicate the impacts of service-learning on students, teachers, and communities

Download a PDF Brochure - Harkins Consulting Awareness Workshop