This two-part Seminar is designed to help teams of local school and community lead­ers explore the essential elements of service-learning sustainability and engage in a collaborative planning process to identify and implement strategies to sustain service-learning.

PART I is designed to introduce leaders to structures and policies in their schools and communities that affect change and can be leveraged to sustain service-learning. Through interactive and collaborative activities, participants learn strategies that  can be used to create a local leadership team and an action plan.



PART II is a follow-up seminar designed to help local leaders articulate their progress, reflect, celebrate successes and determiner next steps toward sustaining service-learning in schools and communities.

Target Audience and Workshop Length:

PART I is a two-day seminar designed for service-learning advocates and leaders (e.g. curriculum coordinator(s), building administrator(s), representative teacher(s), representative student(s), community partner(s}, and/or volunteer coordinator(s), etc.).

PART II is a one-day follow-up seminar for Part I participants, typically scheduled 6 to 9 months after Part I.

Participants will:

  • Explore the essential elements of sustainability: Professional Development; Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment; Leadership; and School<>Community Partnerships
  • Learn practices and polices implemented by other communities in their efforts to sustain service-learning
  • Learn a process with specific tools and strategies to sustain service-learning in their communities
  • Assemble a guiding team of leaders
  • Build common language that should be used in schools and communities for both service-learning and strategic planning
  • Understand Best Practices for high quality service-learning (KIDS Model/National Standards)
  • Explore and gain lessons learned about how your communities have implemented service-learning and related initiatives to date (barriers/opportunities/successes)
  • Conduct a self-assessment on elements of sustainability in your schools and communities
  • Chart a vision of service-learning for your community
  • Learn to use action planning templates
  • Identify resources needed to move forward with sustainability work
  • Have time to plan next steps (short and long term) in sustaining service-learning
  • Receive peer and facilitator feedback on plans