Better Soil With Worm Farming

This project started last year when the classroom’s flowers for the school wilted and died. The children wanted to explore the reasons why the plants did not do well. One of the possible reasons to explore was the soil. The class invited a master gardener to visit and talk about the different ways to improve the soil.

The class voted on the project and decided to create a worm farm. They set out to learn why the creatures are so important to the soil.

As the students learned about worm farming, they started to notice how they could impact other areas positively. For example, cutting down on waste and the different items that cannot be recycled. They helped make decisions about the paper products used in the school program and made better choices.

They also learned about foods that are healthier and which products can be broken down into compost compared with other foods that contain preservatives and other additives that are not healthy for the worms.