Community Health- Genetics

Students learned about...

Science, genetics, health, public health

Students investigated needs related to...

How genetics, environment, and lifestyles interact to impact a community’s health



Middle school students in Cambridge, MA learned about how genetics, environment and lifestyles interact to impact a community's health.  Through articles, speakers, interactive games, and field trips students learned about genetics and DNA, heart disease, diabetes, trauma, drug abuse and mental health.  They decided to work on issues of drug abuse and educate their community at their Annual Block Party. They created a survey and displayed results at the party. They also interviewed people at the party  in hopes of creating a Family Fitness Day in the future.




East End House


Koch Institute @ MIT, Neuroscience at Boston Children's Hospital, MA General Hospital, Dana Farber, Harvard University (School of Public Health), Community Health Network Alliance

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2 days/week, 1.25 hours/day, plus ½ to full day weekly field trip

7 weeks