Food Deserts

Students learned about...

Food deserts, public health/nutrition, racial inequity

Students investigated needs related to...

Food deserts in Boston and their link to racial inequity


Rising ninth-graders began their service learning project by discovering needs and problems through watching documentaries, participating in an inequity and inequality simulation, and learning about the social determinants of health.

They further investigated the problem by learning about SNAP benefits and grocery shopping at a local corner store, completing a mapping activity, and engaging with community members from WIC and the Demo Kitchen at BMC. Students decided to approach the problem through a "policy" and "educate" approach.

They hosted a movie night and leveraged social media to create a "petition page" and inform the community about their project and what they learned. Students reflected on their work and celebrated their success with a pizza party.


Boston Area Health Education Commission


BMC Demo Kitchen, WIC nutrition specialist

Rising 9th graders

6 weeks

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