Peace by Piece – School Mural Promoting Respect

Fifth and sixth graders received an invitation from their school principal asking if they would work with him to artistically incorporate the school’s four expectations (citizenship, safety, respect and responsibility) into the school’s multipurpose room. After discussing the letter in their art classes, the students decided to work with the principal and several community partners on a service-learning project to create a piece of art for the multipurpose room.

The students brainstormed how best to create the artwork, ultimately deciding to do a kaleidoscope design (with each student creating one square section of the mural that was representative of one of the four expectations). Each student created a template of their square on paper, so that they could experiment with colors and design before creating their final square using acrylic paints on wood. Throughout the planning and creating process, the students learned about how to use different painting techniques and materials to create certain visual effects. They also studied related art movements and techniques.

Once the students had completed their painted tiles, they selected the mural’s design by voting on their favorite arrangement (choosing from 9 different scale models). The students also submitted ideas for the mural’s name, and after the art teacher narrowed down the list, the students chose “Peace by Piece.” After the principal approved the final mural design, the students put it up in the multipurpose room. Parents and community members enjoyed seeing the final product at a dedication ceremony during the school’s Recognition Day. Now the mural is a permanent fixture in the multipurpose room where the whole student body and staff can enjoy it and be reminded of the school’s four expectations.