Video Production to Address Community Needs

Students learned about...

Social-emotional learning, ELA, health, video production through technology

Students investigated needs related to...

Using video production to communicate with the community (i.e. PSA’s, videos, PowerPoints, etc.) about needs


Students in Fitchburg were introduced to the power of video production to address problems in their community.  Possible problems that video production might impact are as diverse as the possible clients themselves. A principal may have a need to communicate information to the school community.  A nurse may be interested in communicating good hygiene practices. A teacher may be interested in classroom rules. A student may be interested in community safety or activism. A custodian may want to address vandalism.  In Fitchburg, the ELL Director wanted a Welcome video produced for ELL students, by students.



Fitchburg Public Schools



ELL Director, guidance counselor, school nurse, teachers, peers, administrators, videographer

Grade Level:



6 Weeks

16 Days, 32 hours total

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