YRB SEL Project

Project: YRB SEL Project

Guided Discovery

Independent research and guided research


Jump off research from YRB data, then each student would research other data, for example CDC data, and then discuss and share with classmates as their investigation unfolded.

Lesson Plan/Activity



One example: One student made a informational public service video to use before senior activity week prior to graduation.

Community Impacts

The variety of individual projects make this difficult to answer, but in general, the projects were used in house for student peers.


https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Z3RjK0GtUzp7Cg92XapR2lpEdFMgqshe6-FkICUidtk/edit#slide=id.p ENSATS

SEL Competencies

Responsible Decision Making

Social Emotional Learning

Giving and receiving feedback Time/project management Group communication skills

Contact Information

District Name

Essex North Shore Ag/Tech

School Name



Health Grade 12

Number of Teachers


Number of Students


Grade Level(s)



10 day project, students met 50 minutes per day. Project spanned over 20 days

Community Partners

Key Club extra curricula

Content Areas

[“Comprehensive Health”,”English Language Arts & Literacy”,”History and Social Science”,”Vocational education”]

Skills or Knowledge Learned

Fore example, Standard 9 SAFETY AND INJURY PREVENTION Students will gain the knowledge and skills to administer first aid and carry out emergency procedures, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, will avoid, recognize, and report verbal, physical, and emotional abuse situations, and will assess the factors that contribute to intentional and unintentional injury, including motor vehicle accidents, fire safety, and weapons safety.