Our products provide step-by-step guidance and ideas for service-learning projects.


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KIDS as Planners

A Guide to Strengthening Students, Schools and Communities Through Service-Learning.

This popular guide, now in a revised and expanded third edition, provides teachers and school administrators with a road map for integrating service-learning into their classes and curriculum.


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Working with KIDS

A Service-Learning Guide for Community Partners

The Service-Learning Guide for Community Partners will help you get started by answering the following questions:

What is service-learning? What are the benefits to students, schools, communities and community organizations? What are some examples of projects completed by students and community partners? And more!


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What Is It? Game

An interactive activity designed to create a shared vocabulary at your school or community organization

After being introduced to the core principles of service-learning, participants read short description cards of classroom activities and decide whether they are service-learning, community based learning, or community service experiences.


Integrating Scientific Practices and Service-Learning:

Engaging Students in STEM

This guide, a supplement to the more comprehensive KIDS As Planners: A Guide to Strengthening Students, Schools and Communities through Service-Learning, is designed to help you integrate service-learning into STEM content areas and make use of Curriculum Topic Study.