Hunger in Our Community – Barnstable Public Schools – Hyannis West Elementary

First, second and third graders in Barnstable, MA did a lot of reading, writing, speaking and listening in their summer service-learning program.  They investigated problems related to hunger in the world, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod and in their community.  They decided that hunger was a real issue in their community and came up with multiple solutions to impact this problem.  They grew and harvested food for the food pantry, they created a public service announcement to teach others about hunger, including a rap, they collected non-perishable items for the Masonic Angels in front of a local grocery store as they educated patrons on hunger in their community.  One interesting way they collected items was at least 2 canned goods would be an admission to a community water balloon fight.

Click to watch the slideshow of the Teacher’s Presentation: