Service-Learning 10

Project: Service-Learning 10

Guided Discovery

Independent research on health topics that interested them.


Students completed an annotated bibliography, administered a survey to the SACS community, and spoke with community experts.

Lesson Plan/Activity

Students used Salem Academy YRBS data from 2022 to inform their project. Activities include the Annotated Bibliography and Project Proposal.


Action 1: Make resources and information more accessible with pamphlets.They supplemented sex education that we have received with more information and resources. Action 2: Distribute condoms and keep them in an accessible place for students. Action 3: Offering condoms to students one-on-one during both lunch periods to save the embarrassment of coming to get one in front of other students or teachers

Community Impacts

Increase awareness about safe sex and reproductive health topics that aren’t covered enough in health class. Reduce stigma surrounding these topics and increase accessibility to resources and information. Proactively provide information and resources regarding safe sex and prevention methods.


SEL Competencies

Responsible Decision Making

Social Emotional Learning

Self-Management + Responsible Decision Making

Contact Information

Fallon Burke (

District Name

Salem Academy Charter School

School Name

Salem Academy Charter School



Number of Teachers


Number of Students


Grade Level(s)



Monthly, on Service-Learning half days and additionally blocks of 1 hour increments.

Community Partners

SACS Health Teacher, SACS School Nurse, SACS Health Curriculum Team Leader

Content Areas

[“English Language Arts & Literacy”]

Skills or Knowledge Learned

Focused a lot on reading and writing (ELA) research: citing sources, formatting